Updated:August 30, 2013

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Entering a Tire Track(rut)

1 Example

  1. When you are driving at 50km/h, you try to avoid an oncoming car, but your car enters a deep tire track and is thrown into to path of the oncoming vehicle.
  2. Whilst driving you are surprised at the falling into a tire track and steer and brake suddenly, causing the car to slip to the right into the path of an oncoming car.
  3. When you are driving on two tire tracks, the car is not able to leave the tracks to avoid an oncoming car.

Entering a Tire Track (rut)

2 What did you do wrong?

  • You were not paying enough attention when driving on the tire track.
  • You did not slow down before going into the tire track.
  • You braked suddenly or did not steer carefully enough.

3 How to avoid accidents

  • Always drive with care.
  • Brake when you drive on tire tracks.
  • Deep tire tracks are not easy to get out of, even if you put chains on the tires. So, avoid them and drive in shallow places.
  • On narrow roads, there are often only 3 tire tracks-BE CAREFUL.

*Pay special attention to areas which do not receive any sun, and on curves, where tire tracks are created very easily.