Updated:August 30, 2013

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Skidding when taking a curve

1 Example

When you are driving a at 50km/h with chains on the tires, you brake suddenly, The car slips and leaves the road, falling into a ravine.

Skidding when taking a curve

2 What did you do wrong?

  • You were not aware of the danger of the curve.
  • You put too much confidence the chains on your tires.
  • You did not brake before approaching the curve.
  • You braked very suddenly on the curve.

3 How to avoid accidents

  • Brake before approaching a curve.
  • Use your gears when approaching a curve.
  • Do not make any sudden movements with the steering wheel, or brake or accelerate suddenly (if you brake on a curve,you will simply go straight because you can not control the wheels).
  • In general, chained tires often side slip. BE CAREFUL.