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Updated:February 21, 2018


  • In Nagano we take advantage of our diverse climate and altitude to grow a variety of products such as garden produce, rice and livestock. Above all, garden produce, including vegetables, fruits, flowers and mushrooms which exceed 100 varieties in the market, supplies an abundance of products to Nagano and to the whole nation.
  • The value of agricultural production in 2014 was 281.8 billion JPY (10th in Japan), of which garden produce (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and flowers) makes up 71.7%, paddy rice 14.3%, and livestock 10.7%.


  • Number of farming households: 104,759 (1st in Japan )
  • Number of commercial households: 51,777 (4th)
  • Number of full-time farm workers: 73,467 (3rd)

Data: “2015 World Census of Agriculture and Forestry


Cultivated land area 108,900ha (14th) Data: “2015 Land Use Statistics

Area of field proper 69,761 (14th) Data: “2015 World Census of Agriculture and Forestry


By taking advantage of favorable conditions for deciduous fruit trees, we are able to grow apples, grapes, pears, and peaches in addition to prunes, chestnuts, apricots and blueberries. The production of these fruits is ranked in the top class in Japan.

We promote the production of even fresher and tastier fruits by improving today’s excellent varieties, and by investing in new technologies.




Shinano Sweet


Shinano Gold


Nagano Purple





The mountain highlands of Nagano are home to open-air grown vegetables such as lettuce, Chinese cabbages, cabbages, and celery, thanks to their cool climate in summer. Nagano Prefecture is also a production center of fresh vegetables including those cultivated in modern facilities.

Vegetables produced in Nagano Prefecture are delivered fresh to each home via large-scale consolidation and cold storage facilities at various locations. Recently, Nagano Prefecture has been promoting extensive cultivation of targeted products including summer/autumn strawberries and broccoli to meet diverse consumer needs.


Summer Princess

Cold storage of broccolis

Consolidation of lettuce


Production of flowers in Nagano Prefecture centers around summer/autumn cut flowers, such as chrysanthemums, carnations, Turkish bell flowers and alstroemerias, by utilizing its cool climate.

Varieties of potted flowers, especially cyclamens, are produced as popular gift items and are in the strong demand for private homes.


Cultivation of cut flowers (Prairie gentians)

Prefectural flower; Rindo (Gentians)

Cultivation of potted flowers(Cyclamens)

Mushrooms & Special products

Nagano Prefecture has a year-round production of mushrooms, mainly bunashimeji, eryngii and enoki mushrooms which are grown in our sophisticated facilities.

Enoki and bunashimeji, in particular, are ranked in the first place nationally because of their high quality reputation.

Special products are also cultivated, including wasabi or horseradish, which are suited to certain regional climates in Nagano.






Rice cultivation is mainly conducted around flat plains of Matsumoto, Ina, Saku and Iiyama. The productivity per 10 ares is the highest in Japan.

Farming is conducted in a very efficient manner by combining items such as wheat and soybeans, to make optimal use of the area’s characteristics.


Rice cultivation

Wheat cultivation

Buckwheat fields

Animal husbandry

Dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, chicken, sheep, and goats are farmed by utilizing differing environmental conditions.

We persistently aim to farm livestock in even better quality and taste, in addition to ensuring the safety of products at all times.


Cattle grazing

A wide variety of dairy products